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Welcome to my online bridal hair education website! I’m Stephanie, but many of you know me as “Hair and Makeup by Steph”.   Here you will find an entire course catalog of bridal hair tutorial videos, with new tutorials uploaded regularly.  Take a look around to learn more and find out what’s included.

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What are the benefits?

  • Build confidence in up-styling and bridal hair, whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned stylist
  • Create beautiful work you can display on your social media/portfolio, increasing your presence and visibility online
  • Express yourself creatively while designing beautiful styles
  • Gain the knowledge needed to work with bridal parties
  • Take your professional experience to a new level, opening up more opportunities for yourself in your career
  • Increase your income while working less hours behind the chair
  • Improve your portfolio, allowing the possibility of booking destination weddings and being noticed by large hair brands

What's included?

  • 50+ courses
  • New hairstyling courses uploaded regularly
  • Monthly fee $13, no contract, cancel anytime

About the instructor

Stephanie Brinkerhoff works as a professional event hair stylist and makeup artist, as well as a bridal hair educator. She began her career in 2007. After only 5 years, Stephanie's talent and skill started to receive recognition worldwide.

Now, 14 years later, Stephanie travels all over the world teaching up-styling workshops, and to do destination wedding hair and makeup.  She also has experience with celebrity styling and has worked with clients such as Naomi Watts and Eva Longoria.

Known as the "Updo Queen", Steph loves sharing her techniques with other stylists, spreading the knowledge she has and spreading the love!

"Stephanie Brinkeroff was the first stylist I found on Pinterest several years ago who was showing how to create upstyles that I so badly wanted to learn.  Finding her online education in 2018 was my chance to get a front row seat to really learn her techniques. I LOVED it! Her tutorials ignited my passion to get my hands on all the romantic bridal hair clients I could find & to keep pushing myself. She covers everything from the basics to the most in-demand, on-trend styles, & she's always adding new tutorials!"
Trae Howard - Nashville
Hair and make up by Steph’s online courses have taught me step-by-step ways to create wedding looks from Pinterest at ease! The price point is unreal for how many golden nuggets are included.  She goes through foundational principles that can be used in any type of style. I love that I can use her techniques and add my own creativity!  Steph is also extremely knowledgeable on products and how to use them! I have learned a lot about longevity of hairstyles through Steph and feel confident in the hair looking good all day. She is extremely talented and humble. I’m grateful for her sharing her talents with me!
Bailey - Nashville
I`ve learned so much about the structure of an updo and the beauty of detailing a style! It helps how clear everything is explained - so everybody can understand. I would recommend it to every hair and make up artist who wants to improve their work! Thank you Stephanie!
Susanne - Switzerland
I have subscribed to Stephanies’ online courses since day one, and they have given my updos ( and me!) that little extra boost I had been needing. I’ve been able to really learn how to polish and perfect my updos better than I have in the past. The way these courses are presented make it really easy to learn at your own pace, rewind, fast forward and reference back to whenever you need. I love them and they will forever be a staple for me and my bridal business!
Courtney Fitz
Bridal by Courtney - Pennsylvania
I am a self taught Bridal Hair and Makeup artist, and I turned my business successful within 2 years. None of this would have been possible without online education, and I attribute the majority of my learning to Stephanie's online education videos.  Online education is everywhere but what makes Stephanie's videos stand out the most is that she uses real models with all hair types and of all ethnicities.  Stephanie makes it a point to use many different textures of hair and goes into detail showing how to make a plan of attack for each client. She proves you can turn any hair into something so beautiful, and that to me wins my utmost respect.
Christy Yoo - Los Angeles
Even before officially starting my business doing wedding hair, I followed Steph’s work, her styles have always been something I admired and wanted to strive to be able to create myself! I have loved every tutorial, there are so many incredible tips from simple ways to secure styles, creating texture and the perfect prep. I've definitely gained so much confidence and will be forever recommending Steph’s courses to everyone who wants easy, accessible, useful and amazing courses!
Ellie - United Kingdom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract.  You can cancel and/or rejoin anytime you'd like.

Can I make requests for tutorials in the Course Catalog?

Yes!  As members, you can give your input on which styles you'd like to see uploaded to my Online Course catalog.  If there is anything you struggle with or want to learn, just let me know!

What are your top 5 go-to tools and/or products?

Must-have hairspray - Kenra Volume Spray 25.  Must-have pomade - Kenra Platinum Working Wax 15.  Must-have bobby pins - Meta Grip Bobby Pins.  Must have backcomb - Tool Structure Three Row Styling Comb.  Must-have curling spray - Kenra Hot Spray 20.

What hair kit do you use for traveling on-location?

I have a Zuca bag and it's great!

What brand of clip-in extensions do you like?

I have used a ton of different brands.  I love Laced and Bombshell, but I also get the cheaper ones from Sally's too (the real hair, not the synthetic ones), and they work great for updos.